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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney - What NFL Teams have had the most arrests?

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney - Brian Foley - Board Certified in Criminal Law

Every year we hear about NFL players being arrested. It seems like it is more common since 2000. Since keeping track of these statistics the Minnesota Vikings have had the most arrests.

The Vikings have had the most arrests with 47 followed by the Broncos with 45 and the Bengals with 43.

The Houston Texans have had the least arrests with 11 followed by the Rams with 12 and the Eagles with 14.

You may be wondering if NFL players are more likely to be arrested than the general population of men in the United States? The answer depends on category. In general 7 % of the players in the NFL were arrested. This is lower than the rate for similar aged men in the United States.

NFL players were more likely to be arrested for domestic violence, sex offenses, and murder and weapons offenses.

By position group Wide Receivers are the most likely to be arrested followed by linebackers. I think we can all see why this is from a personality perspective. Wide Receivers are notorious for their selfish throw me the ball and me first attitude. It is no wonder they would be the most likely to act in a way that the police found objectionable to the point of arrest. Plaxico Burress, a famous wide receiver for the New York Giants who made a pivotal play in Eli Manning's first Super Bowl win over Tom Brady was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for possessing a firearm.

Linebacker is probably the most aggressive and violent position to play in football. You have to be fast, physical, decisive, and aggressive to be a linebacker at the NFL level. Aggressive and physical are two characteristics which can lead to higher levels of arrests. Additionally for those skeptics out there about the NFL many players have been rumored to take steroids to help their physical prowess. However one study from the NIH indicated that doses of testosterone when administered to normal men in a controlled setting, do not increase angry behavior. However the study left open the possibility that higher doses could increase angry behavior in men with preexisting psychopathology.

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