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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Luis Baez

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Based in Houston, Texas and serving Harris County and surrounding counties, Brian Foley and Luis Baez of Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys PLLC are both former Prosecutors. They know the government's playbook, and have defended criminal cases from DWI to Murder.  Call now to receive a free legal consultation. 


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Houston Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney




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Would highly recommend hiring Brian for any legal troubles. He was upfront, honest and genuinely invested in my case from the very first phone consultation. Couldn't have asked for a better outcome! Thanks again!

- K.C.

Mr. Foley is professional, attentive, and a truly caring individual. His service is above and beyond any standards you may have set. I appreciate the many options/solutions and thorough explanations. The guidance was tailored toward me and my needs. He will work hard for you!!

- A.F.

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Luis Baez

     Mr. Baez is a very knowledgeable and professional attorney, he handled the the case extremely well and got the result we were looking for. He kept us informed on the status of the case, consulted us on the strategies used in the case. I would definitely hire him again.

- L.U.

     Luis was detailed and didn't leave any item out. He was always professional. All questions were answered in terms I could understand which was so appreciated. Luis is obviously passionate about his career, and honestly cares.

- N.L.

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DWI - Blood Test

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Assault Family Member

Houston DWI  Attorneys


     Good people can have a bad day and the police don't always make the right call.  The rest of your life shouldn't be ruined by a single potential mistake.  At Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys PLLC we understand how to face the challenges of a DWI prosecution from beginning to end.  We can fight to save your driver's license and avoid a conviction that could follow you the rest of your life.  You only have 15 days from the date of arrest to request a driver's license suspension hearing so don't wait, CALL NOW!

Houston Assault Attorneys

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      If you or a loved one has been charged with Assault or Assault Family Member it can result in being excluded from your own home, prevent you from seeing or talking to your spouse, or being denied the right to see your own children.  Judges often require bond conditions that can feel like you've already been found guilty.  Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys can fight for your right to be presumed innocent.   Brian was a member of the Domestic Violence Unit and is a graduate of the advanced trial advocacy school on Assault Family Member Strangulation and Impeding Breath. 

Houston Theft and Shoplifting Attorneys

     Luis and Brian can help with shoplifting and theft charges of all kinds.  Luis and Brian have helped everyone from single moms and teachers, to accountants and executives.  With the invention of self-checkout lines, being charged with shoplifting or theft can happen to just about anybody.  As prosecutors Luis and Brian helped write the playbook for government investigations.  Now they can fight for you!

Houston Drug and Controlled Substance Attorneys


     If you've been arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance or other drug charges you owe it to your family and your future to retain experienced counsel.  Luis and Brian have handled thousands of drug charges across Texas and our number one goal is a dismissal.  Even if you admitted you were guilty to police you may still be able to avoid a conviction for a felony or misdemeanor drug charges.   Call Now!

Other Criminal Charges and Expunctions

      If you didn't see the crime you were charged with above don't worry!  Luis and Brian handle all types of criminal charges.  They have experience with Evading Arrest, Aggravated Assault, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Fraud and many other offenses.  Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys PLLC also helps file an expunction to get your record clear if your case has been dismissed or won at trial. 


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Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys PLLC

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