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Trial Bureau Chief

Luis Baez

     When you step into court you don't want to be alone.  You need someone who's been there and done that.  Prosecutors know if your lawyer is afraid of going to trial.  We prepare every case to be ready for trial if the time comes.  This approach helps us get the best result for your case during negotiations with the government.  

        I was born and raised in Houston and helping people navigate the criminal justice system is what I do every day.  As the Trial Bureau Chief I get to see our client's face when we deliver a second chance and restore a vision for their future.  We're ready for whatever comes inside the courtroom and out. 


We're here when you're ready,


Luis Baez

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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Luis Baez


  • Texas State University

  • Michigan State University - Juris Doctorate

  • Oxford  University - Debate Tournament

  • Michigan State Law Review - Articles Editor


  • Vehicular Crimes Division Intoxication Assault and Manslaughter

  • Former Felony Prosecutor

  • Quantums of Force: Dispelling Pseudo Ambiguities of “Physical Force” Under the Lautenberg Amendment, 4 T. Marshall J. Gender, Race and Justice 1 (2014).

  • Prosecutorial Discretion Advised: Analyzing the Proper Role of “Economic Consequences” as a Factor in Federal Prosecutorial Decisions Not to Seek Criminal Charges, 12 Dartmouth Law Journal 1 (2014).

  • Maintaining Critical Mass: How Fisher v. University of Texas Could Affect Diversity in Higher Education, 17 Julian Samora Research Institute at Michigan State University 2 (2014).

  • Rated “M” for Misleading: How Deceptive, Anti-Consumer Practices in the Videogame Industry Became the New Norm, 28 University of Florida Journal of Law and Public Policy 2 (2016).

  • What Leffen’s P-1 Visa Fight Means for the FGC, Shoryuken, (May 10, 2016).

  • Countering Defense Attacks on the NHTSA Manual, The Texas Prosecutor (May-June 2019).

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