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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney - How to find the best lawyer for criminal cases in Houston, Texas

If you are looking to hire the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston you should consider the following:

  1. What kind of experience do they have?

  2. What certifications from the State do they have?

  3. Will they listen and communicate?

  4. How much do they cost?

  5. Will they be honest?

  1. What kind of experience do they have? When you are looking for a criminal defense attorney you have to go with someone that is experienced in the area of law for your case. Have they ever handled a case like yours? Have they been to trial on a case like yours? Not all lawyers are the same. Some lawyers practice family law and some practice civil litigation which is all very very different from a criminal practice. One of the most important parts of experience is not only knowing the law in a particular area but also how it is applied in the county where your case is filed.

  2. What certifications from the state do they have? When you have a heart disorder you don't go to your family practice doctor to get checked out. You see an expert cardiologist. Criminal Law is no different. Your life is just as much on the line. The only experts in Criminal Law are those attorneys that are Board Certified by the State of Texas in the filed of Criminal Law. Ask if your attorney is Board Certified. This makes sure that you have the highest quality advocate on your side. Out of 110,000 lawyers that are licensed to practice in Texas, only 7,050 are Board Certified.

  3. Will they listen and communicate? One problem that plagues attorneys is that they overbook their time and take on more clients than they probably should. When you call the attorney's office how easy is it to get the attorney on the phone? If you can't talk with an attorney quickly at the beginning of the case, good luck trying to get ahold of them once the case is a few months old. Attorneys don't have to follow every strategy choice of their clients but you need to find an attorney that is willing to take the time to listen and address your concerns. Clients don't always like the answers that lawyers give, but the ability to communicate is paramount in a criminal representation.

  4. How much do they cost? One of the main considerations people make about their attorney is how much they cost. You can bet that in this area the saying, "you get what you pay for" is as true as ever. One of my favorite sayings in this business is that, "There's nothing more expensive than a cheap lawyer." Having an inexperienced or unavailable lawyer at a cheap price can cost everything. So while its okay to look for a good deal, you probably don't want to go with the law firm that charges the cheapest fee or gives the most generous payment plan. They are charging those rates for a reason. People who know what their life is worth are hiring other attorneys.

  5. Will they be honest? This is the most important thing to determine about the attorney that you are trying to hire. You should not go with the person that guarantees a dismissal. First of all it is unethical to guarantee any particular result in a criminal case, but more importantly any competent lawyer knows that there are many factors that control the outcome of a criminal case and that promising particular results is something only a fool would do. If you get the sense that your lawyer is just telling you what you want to hear then they will be no good to you when you are faced with difficult decisions in the case further down the road. Imagine asking your lawyer if you should take a plea bargain and not being able to trust if they were telling you the truth, or whatever they thought would get you to pay your next installment? That's how important having open and honest communication with your criminal lawyer is to your defense.

If you need a criminal defense attorney in Houston, Texas give us a call and see if we are the right fit for your needs. 713-703-1718

Luis Baez & Brian Foley - Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys PLLC

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